SVI Donation To Flood Victims In Angthong

BackNov 16, 2006

SVI Public Company Limited, led by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Poe Lothongkam and a group of employees recently traveled to donate money, rice, fried food, canned food, drinking water and several consuming items to the flood victims in Tambol Bangchak, Amphur Wisedchaicharn, Angthong Province and share some part of donation to the people in Tambol Bangkadi, Amphur Muang, Pathumthani Province.

Due to the heavy rain in late August - October, many parts of Thailand were flooded.  Storms have now affected about 45 provinces across the country. Some 17 provinces are still experiencing floods caused by Typhoon.  Angthong Province, which has already been hit hard, faced the greatest burden.  People are suffering physically and mentally, getting diseases caused by the flood, losing their money from land disaster and etc.

SVI realized these people were facing this flood misery and would like to give great sincere sympathy to them.  Aside from donation by SVI management and its employees, the Company also donated surplus money totaled Baht 100,000 to purchase other consuming stuffs to the victims.

SVI, as a public company, has always recognized that its business should be conducted in a socially responsible way. The Company is committed to seeking to achieve and maintain the highest standards in all aspects of its activities.


About SVI
SVI Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based manufacturing company. The Company is engaged in full turnkey electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providing printed circuit board assembly and full box build production of electronic products. The Company's products are used in industrial control systems, telecommunication equipment, office automation, audio and video equipment, automotive electronics as well as medical and laboratory equipment.   Its customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and design houses. Headquartered in Chaengwattana Road, Nonthaburi province, SVI currently operates two production sites in Thailand located in Nonthaburi and Pathumthani with an approximate of 2,000 employees and also operates a plant in Tianjin, China.

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In Photo:

November 4th, 2006-- Mr. Poe Lothongkam (Center in orange shirt), Chief Executive Officer of SVI Public Co., Ltd. together with employee's representatives traveled to Angthong province to donate money and consuming items to people in damaging area.