BackNov 03, 2010

SVI Public Company Limited (SVI) announced the maturity of the warrants representing the rights to purchase ordinary shares of SVI Public Company Limited No.2 (SVI-W2) with exercise notice period
starting from November 29, 2010 until December 13, 2010. The last exercise date to subscribe to its common shares on December 14, 2010 and the closure of the warrant registration is scheduled from November 23, 2010 until December 14, 2010. Starting from December 15, 2010, these warrants will no longer be the listed securities on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Therefore, to comply with the settlement and securities transfer system, SVI has requested the SET to suspend trading of SVI-W2 effective from November 18, 2010 until December 14, 2010. (Detail as in SVI's news on SETSMART dated on November 2, 2010)

By virtue of Clause 5(6) of SET's Rules, Conditions and Procedures for the Temporary Prohibition of Trading of Listed Securities, issued on 9 February 1995, the SET will suspend trading on SVI-W2 from November 18, 2010 until December 14, 2010 as the company requested. In addition, the warrants will no longer be listed securities on SET from December 15, 2010 onwards.


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