Form for Report On Capital Increase

BackMay 09, 2006

Form for Report on Capital Increase
SVI Public Company Limited

May 8, 2006

We, SVI Public Company Limited (the "Company") are pleased to report the resolutions of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 3/2006 held on May 8, 2006 at 15.10 hours to 16.00 hours, related to the increase of capital and allotment of new ordinary shares as follows:

1. Capital Increase
The Board of Directors Meeting has resolved to increase its capital from Baht 1,505,349,990 to Baht 1,864,078,070 by issuance of 35,872,808 ordinary shares at the nominal par value of Baht 10 per share. The total capital increase will be Baht 358,728,080.

2. Allotment of New Shares
The Board of Directors Meeting has resolved to allocate 35,872,808 ordinary shares, at the nominal par value of Baht 10 each, totally Baht 358,728,080. The details are as follows:

Allocate to
Number of shares
Sale price per share (Baht)
Time & Date of Subscription and Payment
For the exercise ofright of warrants offering to the existingshareholders of the Company
1 unit of warrant entitles to buy 1 new ordinary share

3. Convening the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders for an approval of the capital increase and the newly-issued ordinary shares.
The Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2006 will be convened on June 21, 2006 at Grand Miracle Hotel, Venus Room, 99 Vibhavadi-Ranngsit Road , Laksri, Don Muang Bangkok 10210. As to determine which shareholders are eligible to attend the shareholders meeting, the Company will close the Share Register Book on June 1, 2006 at 12.00 hours until the meeting is adjourned.

4. Objectives of the Capital Increase
To support the exercise the right of warrants in purchasing the ordinary shares of the Company issued to the existing shareholders of the Company.

5. Benefits to the Company in relation to the capital increased
The warrants issued by the Company and offered to the existing shareholders shall be the company's fund to support the expansion of future business growth.

6. Benefits to the Shareholders
Shall have the right to obtain dividends in the future in consideration of the Company retaining earnings for its business operation. The Company certifies that the information provided above is correct and accurate in all respects.

(Ms. Pissamai Saibua)
Chief Finance Officer