Report the utilization of increased capital

BackJan 31, 2007


January 30, 2007

Subject: Report the utilization of increased capital as of December 31, 2006

To: The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Since SVI Public Co., Ltd. has increased its capital of 625,633 shares at the price of Baht 6.95 per share, by the conversion of warrant to common shares (ESOP-1). The objective of the increase of capital is to generate the fund to support working capital requirement.

The company would like to report the utilization of the increased capital in accordance with the notification of the board governors of the SET related to the rules, conditions and procedures governing the disclosure of information in respect of capital increase of listed company as of July 1, 2006- December 31, 2006 as follows:




Use as a working capital
Baht 4,348,149.35

The company has utilized all of this fund for working capital already.

Please be informed accordingly,


Yours Faithfully,


(Ms. Pissamai Saibua)
Chief Financial Officer