Change Par of SVI, the No. and exercise price of SVI-W2

BackMay 15, 2007

Change in Par value of "SVI" and Adjustment of the number and exercise price of "SVI-W2"

SVI Public Company Limited (SVI) has informed the SET that it has completed the legal process required for splitting the par value of its stocks from 10 baht to 1 baht.

In conjunction with this stock split, the numbers and exercise price of its listed warrant, SVI-W2 will be adjusted as follows:

Number of warrants (Units)
Exercise price
10 Baht/share
1 Baht/share

The split of warrants will apply the same adjustment method as the split in par value of the company's common stock

As a result of all actions taken, effective from May 18, 2007 onwards, the par value of the "SVI" securities and the numbers and exercise price of "SVI-W2" in the trading system will be adjusted as stated above.